How Bluetooth Is Reshaping The Earbuds Industry


Did you know that Bluetooth is named after a Scandinavian Viking King who ruled Denmark and Norway from 958 to 985. His name was Harald Gormsson. He had a dead tooth that was so bad he was nicknamed blatand which translates to Bluetooth.

The kind united Denmark and Norway under his rule just like Bluetooth was made to “unite” computer and cellular industries. It is now in almost every other modern gadget including earbuds.

Just like in every other industry it has been used, Bluetooth has revolutionized the earbuds industry in a major way. There are many things that you can do with your earbuds now just because they have Bluetooth that they could not do if they were wired or did not have it. Here are some of the ways Bluetooth is reshaping the earbuds industry.

  1. Enhanced Functionality

Earbuds now come with a lot of enhanced functionality because of having Bluetooth installed. You can for instance connect several wireless earbuds to one device so you and your partner can enjoy the same music as you work out so you can be in sync the entire time and bond even more.

You can pair the earbuds to different devices and have them easily and quickly connected to the device of choice depending on where you are. You can be connected to your laptop at home and immediately be connected to your phone when you leave the house.

  1. Easy Use On The Go

One of the best things about earbuds is they can bring you entertainment wherever you are whatever you are doing. Yes, headphones might sound better that earbuds but with earbuds, you enjoy your music a little more discreetly. They are made small and fit with ease in your ears.

Furthermore, they are less cumbersome and cannot fall over when you are working out at the gym or engaging in any physical activities. Most of the best earbuds in the market also come either IP rated or waterproofed so you can use them outdoors without any worries of getting damaged.

  1. Higher Competition

Brands that manufacturer wireless earbuds are in constant competition with each other to see which one comes up with the most functional device yet. This has led to development of some of the best earbuds in the market.

Earbuds now come integrated with voice assistant and so many other features that you would have thought of as unachievable just a couple of years back. When companies compete amongst themselves, the consumer enjoys high quality products and at great prices too. Even these days, you can find a great subwoofer for under $500.  High competition lowers prices for the consumer in the audio industry.

Bluetooth enhances the functionality of the earbuds and makes your experience that much better. Getting wireless earbuds means you can enjoy lots of activities you might not have been able to do with wired devices.

You also get to receive your phone calls with ease even when you are driving or working without the need to physically lift up your phone. The modern Bluetooth earbuds come in ingenious designs that are comfortable and that keep charge for long.